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Showing posts from 2008

Putting the final touches on the South Pasadena Rose Parade Float.

Skiing in sunny Southern California.

Clancy helps himself to some popcorn...

The Benton's on a birthday hike for Ann.

Images of Bolinas

Christmas excitement.

Merry Christmas


Graydon... practicing sitting up on his own.

Makenna loves her Christmas tree.

Recycle, Compost, Landfill... at the Academy of Sciences

Happy to be watching Dragon Tales.

Finding the sun.

Too many books to read.

Happy Birthday Stella

Peaking Bird

Taking Photos

Happy Tree Triming

Birthday Cupcakes

Mission West District ready for the Holidays

A view of the cold.

Well Lit Trees

It's Snowing! (in Chicago)

Embassy Suites Doors and Windows

Regal Bailey

Pensive Stella


Pot rack.

Lizzie is all better. No more pills... do you think she believes me?

Makenna's head.

How can you not love this face?

Big Surf Day

Bay Bridge from Treasure Island


Happy Thanksgiving!

Is she 2 or 16? Already perfecting the pose and pout.

Waiting to be picked up at the Oakland Airport.

Happy and done for the season in San Diego.

Packing up The 3-Day for 2008.

Sunrise over The 3-Day.

Tent Peaks and Valleys

One piece left.

San Diego Boats

This weeks hotel lamp.

San Diego Sunset

Celebrating Molly and Katie.

Zuzu and Vida

View from the DFW Admirals Club

Morning Light