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ABC Challenge Completed: Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z!

This is long overdue, but here are the final photos of the alphabet photo challenge I've been working on this year. Computer problems and travels slowed down the postings, but I'm now happy to share my final picks for Q through Z. These photos were taken in many places new and familiar to me, from Wyoming to Portland and Los Angeles to San Francisco.  Location: Moose, Wyoming Location: Cannon Beach, Oregon Location: Los Angeles Zoo  Location: Mark Taper Theatre, Los Angeles, CA Location: Downtown Portland, OR Location: San Francisco Airport Location: Union Square, San Francisco, CA Location: Downtown Portland, OR Location: Emeryville, CA Location: Muir Woods, CA

Happy Thanksgiving

A walk on the beach.

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, OR

Yellowstone Photo Workshop

Here are just a few picks from the recent photo workshop I took in Yellowstone... more to come soon when I am home and have a chance to do some post processing work.

Bumbershoot 2010: a great night under the Space Needle

ABC Challenge: P

ABC Challenge: O


Yesterday, I was able to meet my friends, Heather and Kristin's, dog Buddy. He is a very sweet and well trained puppy. The early morning light (we were up for the 3-Day for the Cure opening ceremony, pre-sunrise) created a really nice glow on his golden lab fur.

Selects from the Worldwide Photo Walk

A few favorites from the Worldwide Photo Walk last weekend. Last year I did a downtown LA walk and this year headed a little north to Ventura to explore a new area.

ABC Challenge: N

Found the latest in the ABC Challenge in Ventura this past weekend while I attended a photo walk as part of the third annual worldwide photo walk. This was part of a series of carnival rides that were parked and waiting to be set up for the Ventura County Fair.

ABC Challenge: M

ABC Challenge: L

Happy 4th of July

Congratulations and Welcome to the new addition to the Farley's Family!

The new Farley's on 65th is celebrating their grand opening today. If you live in the Bay Area, be sure to stop by and see the new place in Emeryville. They are already getting great reviews: .

ABC Challenge: K

Here is my "K". I had fun fiddling with settings in PhotoShop with this image to enhance the old wood feel and help bring out the rope to really show the K.

ABC Challenge: J

Finally, I'm posting my "J" in the ABC Challenge. I'm a bit late, and have been holding out for something that felt more like a J, but I like this shot and it's time to move on to the rest of the alphabet. Many letters still to come.

Happy 4th Birthday, Malia...

Now stop growing up, please!

Happy 10th Birthday, Koji.

10 years olds are not fans of posing for the camera.

ABC Challenge: I

I thought up this letter "i" after attending my friend Claudia's wedding. This is a small part of the table center piece, including one of the red tulips that were the main flower throughout. Thanks for the color effects help Sarah .

Happy 3rd Birthday, Makenna

Practicing for her big moment.

Congratulations, Claudia and John!

ABC Challenge: H

I actually posted this photo a few days ago when I was in South Carolina and really liked the irony of the new fire hydrant in front of all that remained of a burnt down house. After I posted it, a friend noticed there is an "H" in the photo, and now that I see it too, I like it and haven't found anything better, so I'm re-posting this as the latest installment in the ABC Challenge.

Swinging Fun

There is something I love about this series of photos, even though I didn't capture Maddie's face that well, but the pure joy of being 3 and on a swing with her candy ring.

ABC Challenge: G

A day late and not my favorite letter, but here is the next installment in the ABC challenge series. I will admit this one took a bit of styling to create, and was oddly inspired by the Jamba Juice logo.

Stella and Molly

International Pillow Fight Day: Downtown Los Angeles