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Showing posts from November, 2008

Big Surf Day

Bay Bridge from Treasure Island


Happy Thanksgiving!

Is she 2 or 16? Already perfecting the pose and pout.

Waiting to be picked up at the Oakland Airport.

Happy and done for the season in San Diego.

Packing up The 3-Day for 2008.

Sunrise over The 3-Day.

Tent Peaks and Valleys

One piece left.

San Diego Boats

This weeks hotel lamp.

San Diego Sunset

Celebrating Molly and Katie.

Zuzu and Vida

View from the DFW Admirals Club

Morning Light

Hotel room lighting.

Looks like water.


Mom and Charlie Chaplin

Flipper Cactus

Chinese Garden

Night-time traffic.

A shelf for characters.

Hope Worked

I love having a mailbox where I raise the flag when mail needs to be picked up.

Brewery Hallway

Pumpkin Lights