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Showing posts from June, 2015

A Year of Sundays--Golden Hour

I love the light of golden hour, and this image of the Aeolian Yacht Club displays so many different tones and light from the bridge behind the boats to the flashes of light on the masts. Molly's image Sarah's image

A Year of Sundays--Father's Day

This past Sunday I returned home late due to a delayed return flight from Chicago. Due to very little sleep the night before, the only plans I had for the day were to take my Dad out for dinner for Father's Day. We had a nice dinner and then headed back to the San Francisco Zen Center where he lives. They main city center location is a beautiful building designed by Julia Morgan with a nice courtyard in the middle. So, here's a photo of my Dad in the late evening light. Molly's images    Sarah's image

A Year of Sundays--Kiteboarding

Sunday looked like a perfect day for kiteboarding, a little bit of sun and a lot of wind, and this seems to be a popular thing in Alameda at the beach. Molly's image Sarah's image

A Year of Sundays--Bolinas Walk

My Dad and I spent the night and day at his place in Bolinas, and this afternoon went for a short walk down to the beach and back through the neighborhood. Walking by the meadow I really liked these tall weeds/grass and this view with just the blue sky and fog out behind it. The weather was changing constantly with a little sprinkley mist, some fog and sun. We saw a little variety of wildlife out there as well, a deer (very common all over Bolinas, including my Dad's backyard), a hawk and a crab in the Agate Beach tide pools. Molly's image Sarah's image