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A Moment in Time: 1am--110 Night Traffic

The beginning time slots for this year's photo challenge are going to be a bit of challenge. Trying to decide to stay up or set an alarm is going to be a constant conversation for our images. I managed to stay up for 1am, and as I did listened to the cars driving by on the 110. With the historic Arroyo Parkway/110 State Route/Pasadena Freeway just across the street, I've captured images of moving cars multiple times, but never at 1am, so I figured I'd head over there.

This image captures a few cars heading north and south with an infrared filter applied. I like the flood of light that is created by just a few cars.
1am on January 18th
Molly 1am
Sarah 1am

A Moment in Time: Starting at Midnight

Sarah, Molly and I have started a new photo challenge for 2014. It's been far too long since I posted on the blog and used my DSLR, so I'm excited to do this. For our theme this year, we came up with A Moment in Time.

We'll be posting 24 images, one for each hour of the day, taking a new image two times per month. I've also decided to post all black and white images, to connect back to what first interested me about photography when at 13 I received my Pentax SLR and started developing film and prints in Junior High. I hope you enjoy the series.

To see what Sarah and Molly are up to, here are their blogs. I've also included their images below.

Midnight(ish) on January 1st. This is Lizzie a few minutes after midnight. I didn't happen to catch a New Year's toast photo, so I captured this sleepy image of Lizzie as I returned home and prepared to get up at 5:30am to walk the staging of flo…