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Monthly Themes: September--Expressions

September's theme was expressions, and I have to admit I cheated in the interest of posting and having an image for each month. I didn't capture this image in September, rather last weekend when my friend Cheryl was visiting with her daughter Ramona. We headed to Fairyland and despite the expression on her face here, was smiling the entire time. I just loved her serene looking face here, which is really a very brief watchful moment as she waits for more bubbles to be released by Oswald the Bubble Elf, while sitting atop her uncle's shoulders. Sarah's images

Monthly Themes: August--Summer Golden Hours

I think this image for August's theme of summer golden hours speaks for itself. Molly's image Sarah's image

Monthly Themes: July--Summer Fun

July's monthly theme was Summer Fun and these images may not look like what you'd expect from a theme with summer and fun as the concept, I enjoyed a unique opportunity to photograph inside three abandoned buildings on the old Alameda Naval Base . A photography group my Mom belongs to was invited to photograph and document these buildings that will soon be torn down as the base is slowly turned over to the City of Alameda and transitioned for other uses. The buildings were really interesting, mostly cleared out, but with random things left here and there, seemingly exactly how they were when last occupied. But also very creepy and dark, with varying amounts of light coming in at many different spots and angles. Molly's image Sarah's image

Monthly Themes: June--Travel

Last month's theme was travel. And, good timing had me spending a weekend in Yosemite--where the waterfalls are better than they have been in five years due to California drought. It was really great to see them flowing with quite a bit of water. Below are two of my favorites, both of the Yosemite Falls. The first from Glacier Point, above the Falls and the second from Yosemite Valley, below the Falls. Yosemite Falls from Above and Below: Molly's image Sarah's image

Whale Watching

For my birthday, I treated myself to a whale watching trip this morning. It was spectacular, so many whales to see, swimming and eating and playing. I need to do it again already. Here are a few of my favorite images.

Monthly Themes: May--Street Photography

This month's theme is street photography, and while my selection may not seem like it fits the definition of street photography because it is not outdoors or on a street. But it does fit this definition from Eric Kim in that it's candid and it's in a public place: I also appreciate his final point: "Definitions, shmefinitions... I recommend giving the middle finger to definitions--and not worrying about it. Who cares what people classify your type of photography to be? As long as you enjoy the photos you are taking--isn't that enough?" This image is from a dance recital I attended recently while visiting friends whose three daughters all performed in many magical ways. This sweet moment was captured during the finale when all the dancers return back on stage to be honored for their hard work throughout the year. You can see how much the littles love the older dancers and how much they

Monthly Themes: April--Spring Colors

My first photo in this year's photo challenge was from the Serene Lakes area in the Sierra Mountains, and I returned there again last weekend with the family. Being late April we weren't expecting a snowstorm and especially one that left two feet of fresh snow on the ground. With everything freshly coated in white, I wasn't sure about the theme of Spring Colors. But I love this photo of Marin in her bright blue snow jacket and a the green trees peaking through all the white. And, the obvious joy Marin is having in the fresh powder shows the fun we all had in the snow (after the eight hour extended drive to get there.) Molly's Image Sarah's Image

Monthly Themes: March--Go Green

For March's Go Green I wanted to capture something growing. With the rain we've had this winter California is catching up a little on the drought, not quit completely, but some progress is being made. Green grass and blooming flowers are showing all over the state. This capture is from my Dad's back yard in Bolinas. I love the contrast of purple and all the different shades of green, and how the green inside the stalk appears to be shimmering. Molly's Image Sarah's Image