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A Year of Sundays--Nesting Egrets

Yesterday my mom showed me this corner in Oakland where she heard has a lot of snowy egrets and night herons nesting. We checked it out and at first glance you don't see them, you just hear them, very loudly. After searching the trees, we soon discovered several nests and birds protecting their nests. I went back today with a zoom lens and was able to capture a few images. I think I was being warned to move away and getting quite the stare down. Here's an interesting article about protecting the birds and why they nest here: . A few outtakes... Molly's image Sarah's image

A Year of Sundays--Eastern Washington

This week I'm visiting my friend Galen in Seattle, and as part of our weekend plans we headed out to her parents house in Plain on the Wenatchee River. A lovely quiet way to spend some time. Here is my pick for my Sunday photo, a stone bench in the trees by the river. A couple of additional photos of the house and yard. And, as usual with Galen, we do some outdoor activity that is more than intended or planned. We headed out for a short hike (maybe 3/4 mile "mostly flat") to Hidden Lake in the Wenatchee Forest. She was fairly accurate in that description, but it was a bit more uphill than "mostly flat". But that didn't end up being enough, so we decided to wander around the lake, and as we kept going we decided we might as well go all the way around, because going forward was a better option than going back. The route around was not a well maintained trail and had several downed trees we had to climb over or under, as well as cross a couple stre

A Year of Sundays--Spice Jars

Today was the fifth anniversary of the third in the Farley's family of coffee houses, Farley's on 65th in Emeryville. I took photos during the celebration and I loved these spice jars which are used for a variety of ingredients, spices and otherwise. Molly's image Sarah's image

A Year of Sundays--Flying

Last Sunday I spent the morning flying back from a busy event week in Washington, D.C. so I captured this wing shot as we traveled through the foggy clouds. Molly's image Sarah's image

A Year of Sundays--Capitol Under Construction

I am again traveling for work this Sunday, this time to D.C. for the annual Susan G. Komen Washington, D.C. Race for the Cure. I love the D.C. buildings and memorials at night, it's a completely different experience seeing how the light changes things. The Capitol rotunda is obviously under construction, but interesting how well lite it is, there were even workers up on the higher scaffolding. There was also an event happening in the front, and an random assortment of tourists taking photos, lots of activity happening late in the evening. Molly's image Sarah's image