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Monthly Themes: February--Loving Life

The February theme was Loving Life and I can't think of a better feature than a dog with her ball. My friend Suzanne, saves old dogs from shelters and gives them a new life through her nonprofit, Retired Retrievers . Sometimes they stay in her own home and many times she finds other incredible people who take in a retired retriever so they can be loved and live in comfort for whatever time they have left. I get to have the pleasure of helping her with her Instagram account . A few of these amazing dogs end up living with Suzanne and her very accommodating husband, and three of them are about to embark on a RV trip around the country. I recently visited the entire family in Savannah and was able to capture a few photos of the dogs and the ruler of the house, Gonzo. Anna and her ball. Anticipating the throw... That face! Noah's turn. DJ Greenbeans (named for the green beans he eats to lose a little weight), not a ball chaser. Snappah (aka R