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ABC Challenge: H

I actually posted this photo a few days ago when I was in South Carolina and really liked the irony of the new fire hydrant in front of all that remained of a burnt down house. After I posted it, a friend noticed there is an "H" in the photo, and now that I see it too, I like it and haven't found anything better, so I'm re-posting this as the latest installment in the ABC Challenge.

Swinging Fun

There is something I love about this series of photos, even though I didn't capture Maddie's face that well, but the pure joy of being 3 and on a swing with her candy ring.

ABC Challenge: G

A day late and not my favorite letter, but here is the next installment in the ABC challenge series. I will admit this one took a bit of styling to create, and was oddly inspired by the Jamba Juice logo.

Stella and Molly

International Pillow Fight Day: Downtown Los Angeles