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Showing posts from June, 2008


Climbing at Kidspace

On the big kid swing.


FullCircle Session B

Dinner with the Shucks'

Firefly Farm

Stuffed Peppers

Brunch at Chez Renaud

The food... The people...

Duke of Perth... home to Chicago's best fish and chips, according to M. Hamilton (yeah, we don't know who that is either)

An early birthday present.. the cutest cupcake necklace.

A visit with Abby

Flowers in the noon day sun.

Lamp and Ceiling


Not interested in posing for me.

Quash Irregulars

Kip at work.

Fun with PhotoShop

Palm Trees


Just started walking and ready to take on the world.

Happy Birthday Malia (2) and Koji (8)

Malia... barely able to wait long enough for me to take the photo so she can see herself in the camera.

Street light and Christmas tree light cord.

Amy and Marin enjoying a warm summer evening in Oakland.

My Walking Shoes



He's Home and Healthy!

And, already wants to go back outside. Apparently he's not too scarred by his adventure.