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A Moment in Time: 11pm--Santa Cruz Holiday Lights

We've come to the end of this year's photo challenge, and it was definitely a great one. We all loved the connection of photographing at the "same time". Look forward to a similar challenge next year. Thank you to Molly and Sarah for being fun partners in photography. For my final photo, I went in search of Christmas lights in Santa Cruz, while at a sleepover at my Mom's with a couple nieces. I captured the Walton Lighthouse at the yacht harbor decorated with lights, a nice outline to illuminate it's shape in the dark. 11pm on December 13 Molly 11pm Sarah 11pm

A Moment in Time: 10pm--Golden Gate Bridge

We're approaching the end of our photo moments challenge. With that, my 10pm moment is the last in the San Francisco area, so I decided to go with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. It was dark, cold and windy, but I'm happy I made it out there to capture the view. 10pm on December 1 And, I had to share a color outtake.  Molly 10pm Sarah 10pm