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Showing posts from October, 2008

A cop and his robber.

Haunted House Jack-o-Lantern

Dinosaur bubbles

Light in the tree.

Tea bag

Stella's Feet

Waiting for the ball to drop.

Stella in pink.

Fallen Petals

Photos in the Window

Crossing the street in Old Town Pasadena

Fan and Light

Orange Flower

Lummis House


Fuzzy Plant

Pretty Sky

Stella loves to read.

Clancy is going to miss Molly too.

Bandaged Paw

Retro lights.

Loft living in downtown LA

Walking for Art

Water Lily

Light and plant life.

Fairlane 500 Dashboard

A walk in the gardens.

Maddie enjoyed her birthday cake.

A dark cloud of birthday balloons.

Gas we have: none!

R. Graydon Fleitas