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Showing posts from August, 2009

Judith's Wedding

A few of my favorite's from my cousin Judith's wedding...

Meeting Eliot

In the early days of the Station Fire.

New night, new seats, same Stadium...

Two Dodgers games in one week, you'd think I was a fan (and not from the SF Bay Area).

Sunset over Dodger Stadium

Welcome Lila Mae

Red Balloons

I love the light in this, even in black and white.

Flying in the Sunset

Done for the day.

Dusk in Del Mar

Happiness with Daddy.

Happiness at the beach.

Can you please take my picture?


A typical day in Santa Monica.

Clancy Kisses

Rialto Movie Screening

The Three Amigoes

New Friends

A visit to Return to Freedom , a wild horse sanctuary.