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Crayola Challenge: Yellow Green

And, done. I have now completed all photos for this year's challenge of 52 Crayola colors. Thank you to Molly and Sarah for playing and inspiring me all year.

Crayola Challenge: Yellow

Crayola Challenge: Wisteria

Crayola Challenge: Wild Strawberry

Crayola Challenge: White

Crayola Challenge: Vivid Tangerine

Crayola Challenge: Violet Red

I love this photo of Maddie enjoying a popsicle on the beach and have been wanting to use it for some time.

Crayola Challenge: Violet

Crayola Challenge: Turquoise Blue

Crayola Challenge: Spring Green

I took this photo when I was on a short vacation in Colorado back in October. This shot specifically was taken in Nederland, a small town outside of Boulder in the mountains. I love the leaves and the white bark of the aspens.

Crayola Challenge: Sky Blue

This is actually the very first photo I took in this year's colors photo challenge, back when I was looking for Aquamarine. It wasn't at close to a match, but I held onto it, hoping it'd come into use later. I think it works nicely for sky blue.

Crayola Challenge: Silver

This is one of my favorite buildings in Los Angeles, the Disney Concert Hall. I love all the different angles and the way the sky reflects. It's supposed to look like a rose if you are able to view it from above, Mrs. Disney's favorite flower.

Crayola Challenge: Sepia

Crayola Challenge: Sea Green

Over Labor Day weekend on my traditional trip to Seattle, Galen and I decided to take a short destination trip first and headed out to Port Townsend (see earlier posts and from selects from that trip). On the way back we took the ferry to Whidbey Island so we could drive over Deception Pass.

Crayola Challenge: Salmon

Crayola Challenge: Royal Purple

This photo of Marin on her birthday in the royal chair and with crown is just perfect for "royal purple".