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Ladybug Flowers

Busy Bee


Night Driving

Bargaining with a 2-year old...

Abby will pose and smile just long enough so that she can look at herself in the back of the camera.


Oranges in the side yard.

Inside a Bougainvillea

Wood Chips

Johnny, up close.

Pipe Repairs

Honeysuckle Flower


Happy Birthday, Claudia

Flying Home

What's that thing pointed at me?

Waiting at O'Hare

Lakefront View

3 (and almost 3) is a good age.

and so is 8 going on 9...

2 is a good age.

Anticipation... Happy Birthday, Makenna.

Kaboom Fireworks

The Thinker.

Little Mermaid

Making friends at ballet.

Malia reading with her Daddy.

Reading Together

Ballet Class

My Saturday night: two wild toddlers.

Farley's East preview part was a hit.

Coffee and Panini's coming soon: