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Crayola Challenge: Aquamarine

I've started a new photo challenge for 2011, Crayola Colors. Having completed the alphabet challenge last year, Sarah and I decided to do a color challenge, but not just any colors, the original box of 64 Crayola Crayon colors. We've removed 12 colors so that we have 52, 1 per week. We're a bit behind, but we'll catch up somewhere along the way. Come back regularly for updates to see the rest of the list: Aquamarine Bittersweet Black Blue Blue Gray Blue Green Brick Red Brown Cadet Blue Carnation Pink Chestnut Copper Cornflower Forest Green Gold Gray Green Green Blue Lavender Lemon Yellow Magenta Mahogany Maize Maroon Melon Midnight Blue Mulberry Navy blue Olive Green Orange Orange Red Orchid Periwinkle Pine Green Plum Raw Umber Red Red Orange Red Violet Salmon Sea Green Sepia Silver Sky Blue Spring Green Turquoise Blue Violet (Purple) Violet Blue Violet Red White Yellow Yellow Green