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Showing posts from April, 2011

Crayola Challenge: Dandelion

Crayola Challenge: Cornflower

I moved recently, and in the process of packing and unpacking all my stuff, I've definitely been rediscovering the things I own, giving me an opportunity to find many new items to photograph for the Crayola challenge. This is a soy sauce dish for use when eating sushi.

Crayola Challenge: Copper

I found this candle stand in a jumble of sale items at the local nursery. It all seemed so unexpected and out of context, but I loved the setting and pile of stuff that had nothing to do with a nursery.

Macro Flowers and Leaves

I went to the Huntington Gardens this past weekend to test out this amazing new macro lens I was recently given, and these are a few of my favorites. I really enjoy taking macro photos and looking at ordinary objects in a new way.

Crayola Challenge: Chestnut

Taken in the Chinese Gardens at the Huntington Gardens.