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A Year of Sundays--Bay Bridge at Dusk

I was returning from the City last night right around dusk, so I decided to stop off on Treasure Island to see what the view would be. This is always a great spot to get a view of the San Francisco skyline and Bay Bridge and last night didn't disappoint. The sky was lovely shades of pink and blues. Check out Molly's image from her farmer's market and watch for Sarah's image coming soon. Molly's image

A Year of Sundays--Mt. Tam Fog Series

There are three routes to go from the Mill Valley to Bolinas, where my Dad has a house. I drove out for the day last Sunday and decided to take the route up and over Mt. Tam. I saw some fog hovering over the mountain and know it can create beautiful atmosphere when rolling over the hills. This was definitely one of those moments, and I captured several images of the fog playing amongst the trees. Check out Molly's image from her connection with a 3-Day participant and watch for Sarah's image coming soon. Molly's image

A Year of Sundays--The Difference Between 8 and 9

I had my three nieces over for a sleepover for the first time this past Saturday into Sunday. We had a great time, watching movies, eating mac-n-cheese, playing games, typical 8- and 9-year old activities. At the end of our time on Sunday, we spent a some time at one of their houses and with the heat, Makenna the 8-year old decided to swim in the cold water of the hot tub, but the 9-year olds Marin and Malia chose to just stick their toes in and read, and ignore the picture taking. Seems to sum up the difference between 8 and 9 pretty well. Check out Molly's image of her boys and watch for Sarah's coming soon. Molly's image

A Year of Sundays--Ford Headquaters

This photo is from the Closing Ceremony of the Michigan 3-Day, which is the start of the 3-Day season. It has for many years been held in Dearborn at the Ford Headquarters. So, as I was walking around the site, I noticed this typical building with pretty reflecting colors. I like the contrast of the building with the sky, similar to the green grass (there was a lot of green in Michigan, I'm not used to that coming from California). Check out Molly's view from Closing Ceremony and watch for Sarah's coming soon. Molly's image

A Year of Sundays--Found on an Evening Walk

During an evening walk tonight, I captured this cool old Chevy truck. Everything about it is great, including the racks and storage boxes and the very well cared for grill in front.  Molly and Sarah's photos coming soon.