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Showing posts from April, 2015

A Year of Sundays--Twinkling Palm Trees

Last Sunday I was traveling for work, down in Southern California, and these twinkling lights wrapped around a palm tree caught my eye. Molly's image Sarah's image

A Year of Sundays--Penguin Book Truck

Trucks are not just for food, Penguin has created a book truck that travels around to different festivals, one of those being the LA Times Festival of Books which I help out at each year. My friend Ann is one of the festival programmers and her husband, Tom is a sales rep with Penguin and gets to drive the book truck. An outtake of reflections on one of the towers of the Bonaventure Hotel. Molly's image Sarah's image

A Year of Sundays--Down the Street, Central Avenue

Alameda's Central Avenue is one of the towns iconic streets with it's canopy of trees, beautiful in both winter with bare trees and now full of green leaves. Molly's image Sarah's image

A Year of Sundays--A Story of Someone

I headed out after this morning's rain to search for some clouds and found this great older gentleman walking his sweet old basset hound. With a crocked stick cane, a lit cigar and a bluetooth device stuck in his ear, and the dog wandering all over, this scene seemed to perfectly fit Molly's Sunday theme of a Story of Someone. And, an outtake of the clouds. Molly's image Sarah's image