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Showing posts from June, 2009

A visitor.

Night Sky

Summer is here.

Zuzu and Vida at the Park

Pinwheels or Flowers?

X Marks the Spot

Lizzie in Motion

Pollen Detail


Wilco at the Fox Theatre

Flower in Detail

Clancy... destroying a cardboard box.

Abstract Furniture

A family portrait.

Horton's Drugs in Athens, GA.

Big Opera House for a small town... Abbeville, SC.

This is what the rest of the town square looks like...


A day at the park with Abby and Maddie.

Campbell's Covered Bridge, Tigerville, South Carolina

Flying through the clouds.

Who's There?

Not so Fuzzy


Packing Up

Almost ready for the Komen Global Race for the Cure to start.

The Capitol

Getting Ready

National Mall and Washington Monument

Flying to DC

The View