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A Moment in Time: 8pm--Curry Village, Yosemite National Park

My 8pm photo is from my visit to Yosemite last week. Let me tell you, it's very dark in Yosemite at 8pm at this time of year, with the sun long gone and very little moon, there was no natural light and very little other lights. I stayed in Curry Village in one of the tent cabins, which requires more bear safety precautions than I'd like. And, the bears are there, I saw a mother and cub in the middle of the day wandering across a creek (although I wasn't able to get a photo of them). I decided to capture the lights of the Camp Curry entrance sign, which is a nice combination of Hollywood lights with an old style structure. This sign has been there since 1914 .  8pm on October 22 Molly 8pm Sarah 8pm

A Moment in Time: 7pm--Grizzly Peak

I don't have quite as fun a story for my 7pm moment as last week. Back home, I headed to Grizzly Peak in Berkeley, a spot I had considered for one of my shots with it's striking view of the Bay. 7pm is dusk at this time of year, just after sunset, but in black and white, without any clouds in the sky and a bit of haze, the view wasn't providing the scene I was hoping for. But I like the lights of the traffic on the new part of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline, which you can just barely see through the haze as the buildings start to be defined by their lights.  7pm on October 3 Molly 7pm Sarah 7pm