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A Moment in Time: 4pm--Alameda Beach

For today's 4pm photo moment, I took a walk on the local Alameda beach. It was pretty quiet being the first day of school in town, but there were a few birds to entertain me and be my subjects. 4pm on August 25 Molly 4pm Sarah 4pm

A Moment in Time: 3pm--Neighborhood Walk

One of the things I've enjoyed about moving to Alameda is the beautiful variety of homes. I've been doing a lot of neighborhood walks lately since I got a FitBit and started following a few friends, who could easily be called over achievers (in the 20k+ steps/day category). Alameda is known for its victorian homes, but there are also quite a few bungalows, spanish style and even colonial east coast looking homes.  There were so many homes to try and capture, but so hard to get an interesting shot that really featured what I like about the homes. I ended up with this looking up option showing all the peaks and detail in one of homes.  3pm on August 4 For my outtake today, I wanted to share one of these cute little free libraries. I've seen several of these around town and I love them. Such a great idea, and I love how they are all different from each other. Molly 3pm Sarah 3pm