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Showing posts from February, 2008

Chinese Gardens at the Huntington

Bonsai roots.

A good luck cricket.

Vegetable Scrubber

For Kip


Abby's 1st Birthday


Molly Loves the LA Office

Water Fountain

LA living, always on the freeway.

Ceiling Fan

Heater Vent

Amazing Colors

Lakers Basketball, Junior Style

The view from my office.

Happy Valentine's Day

Interesting Perfume Bottle

Lizzie, the talkative one.

An Apple a Day

Eaton Canyon hike... where the waterfall was always just around the next bend.

We made it.

Stella loves a good musical.

Photos from my lunch outing (couldn't decide which I liked best).

The Gold Line that runs inches from my house.

Hand Blown Glass

I Voted

It's always pretty in LA after the rain.

A Superbowl treat... dinner in front of the TV

Fine Quality Coffee