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Showing posts from March, 2009


Old Wood

Overseeing the action.

Julia retrieves her balloon with an assist by Aunt Katie.

Purple Flowers

Wood Art

Baby Feet

Welcome, Erin O'Neill.

Flower and greenery contrast.

Lotus Root

World Baseball Classic: Korea 10, Venezuela 2

Dad and our view from behind home plate. The teams exchanging hats pre-game in a show of good sportsmanship.

Night Shadows

Water droplets

TIVO: it's not technology, but a way of life.

A cake deserving of the day... Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Glass brick and candle.

Waiting to bat.

Little League season has started.

Desperate to get out.

Conducting the fountain.

Hopeful about a visit outside.


Dylan and Stella with their Aunt Sue

Upside down Stella

Tutu's in a window.

Enjoying my last morning of staycation with coffee and a muffin at Busters.

Cuss Free Week and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, quite a double bill.

Downtown Drive By

Home and ready for the staycation half of my vacation.

Plumeria Flower

Last day in Hawaii...

Diamond Head Crater Sunset over Waikiki Beach