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Barn Door

A visit with Erin.

Summer Feet


Painted Lights

Colorado Street Bridge

Griffith Observatory

Sunset moon over Los Angeles

Hotel Los Angeles

What to buy?


Angel's Flight

Palace Theatre

God said...

Chandelier Light

Dusk on the deck.

Wood Texture

Leaving San Francisco

Nice day for a ball game.

Excitement for a new toddler bed and the box it came in.

Swim Lessons at the Y.

Farley's East Grand Opening.

Farley's East had it's grand opening Friday night. They are already getting great reviews ( Examiner , Yelp ), if you're in the Bay Area, be sure to stop by for coffee, magazines or panini.

Alice Ramsey Drive is Completed!

Emily Anderson and Christie Catania complete their 1-month drive across the country in a 1909 Maxwell! For more information about their historic drive check out the website ( ). There has also been a lot of news coverage: including a NY Times blog and SF Chronicle article .

Waiting for a plane to take me to SF.

Enjoying the Sun

Oldies v2

Oldies v1

My friend Sarah, who also has a daily photo blog has started doing archive Tuesdays, which I really like. And, I am in need of some new ideas for my photo blog and like the idea of highlighting some past work.

Happy 4th of July

Kidspace with Vida and Zuzu

Colorful Wind Chimes

Bathtime with Erin.