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A Moment in Time Repeat: 5AM and 6AM

To finish the pre-dawn hours of 5AM and 6 AM, I'm completing the four corners of Bay Station. Many of the intersections along Lincoln, a main thoroughfare across Alameda, have "station" names to match the cross street where there used to be streetcar station. My intersection is named Bay Station for Bay street.

For 5AM I captured my third corner that contains a very popular shop that buys and sells collectible shoes.

For 6AM I captured the fourth corner that houses a small local corner shop. There are many of these small shops down Lincoln avenue.

A Moment in Time Repeat: 4 AM

Ever since I first saw this mural being painted on a building at the corner of my block, I knew I wanted to capture it. I definitely wanted to include it in the "A Moment in Time" series, I just wasn't sure what time, but for 4 am I decided to check out the different corners of the block again and I really like this night view. This is on the corner directly across the street from the auto shop that was the subject of my 1 AM photo. I've decided now to share a "dark hours" photo from each of the four corners. This mural was commissioned by the owners of this building from graffiti writer Royyal Dog.

A Moment in Time Repeat: 3 AM

Sticking with the noir theme that goes so well with these very late/early time periods, I headed back to the Naval Base and found this nicely lite inset door.

A Moment in Time Repeat: 2 AM

For 2 am, with rain and wind happening outside, I decided to stay inside and play with fire.

A Moment in Time Repeat: 1 AM

For 1 am, I ventured outside again, but just to the corner. At the corner is an auto shop and they have this one older section of the lot that just seems to serve as a roof for old cars, but it looks pretty cool at night.

A Moment in Time Repeat: Midnight

Molly, Sarah and I are back at it with a yearly photo challenge, and repeating a favorite from a few years ago. We'll be taking a photo at every hour of the day (two/month) starting at Midnight. Also joining us this time is Katie and my Mom. Looking forward to seeing all the different views around the state and world as Sarah travels.

Here's my midnight photo, at the Alameda Navy Base, one of my favorite old buildings sitting on the bay, and all lit up at night.