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Showing posts from August, 2008

Late Night Swim

I think they could use a lawnmower here...

Coil Light

Pink Nose

The praying mantis that has decided to move in.

Crisco size eyelashes


Tide is Out

Dark clouds brought rain to the Seattle area.

Birch Bay: Mile 0 of the weekend of training walks.

Overseeing the action.

Rusty Lock

Taken from "The Sink"

Going Home (and hopefully the last sunrise I see, at least for a couple of weeks).

Fortress of Storage

Preparing the Stage

Waiting for Opening Ceremony to Start

"Event Prep": Tents without people

Bedside Lamp Hardware at the Courtyard Marriott, Foxborough, MA

Amazing Rainbow over Foxborough, MA

This is only one small piece of it, I could see the entire thing from one end to the other.


Honoring the Survivors

Divine guidance from Buddha for the caboose...

Pink sky to complement the pink set-up of 3-Day opening ceremonies.

Honor Flags

No wonder I have so many blisters...

Buzz and the I Declare Eclair

Teri's belly "popped"

Maddie loves to slide.

Running the Rainbow Tunnel

Kitten stuck on a roof