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Showing posts from January, 2015

A Year of Sundays--Soccer Tryouts

This Sunday (and Saturday) I spent some time outside at my niece's soccer tryouts. She and her sister have decided to tryout for two different travel teams, so between the two of them that means 12 tryouts over this weekend and coming week. With some of the tryouts overlapping, I helped out with the logistics, and was able to see some soccer action.  Sunday, January 25 Molly's Image Sarah's Image

A Year of Sundays--Succulents in the Garden

I didn't make it far outside today, getting distracted by some activities in the house, I almost forgot to take my photo. So, I headed out to the garden and captured some macro photos of water droplets on a succulent. Sunday, January 18 Outtake of the succulent, still macro, but a little more plant to see. Molly's Image Sarah's Image

A Year of Sundays--Strange Things Outside

You find strange things when you go outside. I went to capture a photo of the fog on Grizzly Peak (see outtake below) and found a series of little figurines, houses, toys, etc. attached to the poles of the guardrail, all very random and eerie. Sunday, January 11 Outtake of the fog and sun fighting to take over. Molly's Image Sarah's Image

A Year of Sundays--Alameda Sunset Outside

It's new challenge time, and this year, Molly , Sarah and I have decided to do a Year of Sundays. Following our theme last year of capturing photos at a similar time, we'll each photograph something every Sunday. Within that structure, we're each picking a theme for ourselves. I'm going with: "outside" and my first image is a brilliant sunset from Alameda.  Sunday, January 4 Molly's Image Sarah's Image