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Bridge Tunnel

Vernal Falls

I'm declaring this Yosemite week and will continue to share images from my birthday weekend in Yosemite.

Catching and popping the bubbles

Saying Goodbye

Bridge to Vernal Falls

Makenna, leading the way

"The Office": with my helper sitting on the "mouse"


Iconic South Pasadena: Greene and Greene Craftsman

Daisy's on a piece of wood.

Joining the Mad Men Fan Group

Henna Candle

Jade Plant at Night

Waiting for the sink hole to be filled in.,0,4918663.story

Flower Stems

A better bag

Stargazer Lily and Friends

"This Side of Paradise: Body and Landscape in L.A. Photographs" at the Huntington

My birthday cake... thanks Molly and everyone for a great party.

Red Vases

Ground floor view

Cups on the Wall

The kittens next door have discovered the outdoors.

My Neighbors Tea Garden

Finally Saw Wicked.

Crazy whiskers

Happy 4th of July

My Cell Phone is Hands Free...

Spider and Web

Sunflowers and a bee