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Showing posts from February, 2015

A Year of Sundays--Las Vegas Neon

This Sunday's photo comes from a visit to Las Vegas. While there, we did a tour of the Neon Museum , and they also mentioned there are ten neon signs left in the city. The last one we found is this Landmark sign, the sign used to be for the Landmark Hotel and Casino , now long gone.  Some outtakes from the neon museum. Molly's Image Sarah's Image

A Year of Sundays--Sutro Baths Sunset

Winter sunsets are especially brilliant, and to fully capture one I headed over to the ocean side of the Bay. Sutro Baths is such an amazing place to capture a sunset, especially when people are walking along the edge of the ruins. Sunday, February 15 Molly's Image Sarah's Image

A Year of Sundays--Boat Ramp Waves

We're experiencing some version of winter the last couple of days with strong rain and wind. I made it outside to capture the clouds and rocky waves during a break in the rain at a new favorite Bay viewing site. I really like the boat ramp next to the rock wall jutting out into the water. Sunday, February 8 An outtake of a lovely leaning tree. Molly's Image Sarah's Image

A Year of Sundays--Alameda South Shore Bike Ride

For today's Sunday photo outside, I took advantage of the "summer" weather we're having here in California and went for a bike ride along the Alameda South Shore. I stopped for a few photos at the Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary and found many birds enjoying the nice weather. Sunday, February 1  An outtake of my bike. An outtake of just a few of the birds hanging out. Molly's Image Sarah's Image