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Crayola Challenge: Brown

I took this picture of stacked crates a couple of weeks ago thinking it might be bittersweet, but I quickly learned bittersweet was really part of the orange family. I like the little bit of yellow peeking through the stack, so was happy to realize this would work for brown. Please welcome a new player to the photo challenge and check out Lindsay's blog .

Crayola Challenge: Brick Red

This is a small section of one of my favorite teacups given to me after my Grandma died. I always loved the teacup set she had and it reminds me of her having it hanging in my house. I was very excited when I realized this would work for one of my photo picks in this challenge.

Crayola Challenge: Blue Green

This was one of the 600-700 "Common Dolphins" I saw out on a boat last week. It was really amazing to see so many of them, and how they liked to swim along with the boat. As a bonus to my color entry, here is a video I took of them swimming along. P.S. If you're following closely the original list of colors, you may notice I skipped blue gray. We've discovered it's very difficult to find the right photo without being able to actually draw something with the crayon, and blue gray is one of the colors that Crayola retired awhile back. We will be updating the list with the replacement colors, final selections TBD. P.P.S. Molly has joined in the fun of the photo challenge, check out her blog postings here .

Crayola Challenge: Blue

Crayola Challenge: Black

This is an old favorite of Johnny, but the photo I've wanted to use for black since I knew I would be doing this photo challenge. It's actually one of the first digital photos I took when I received my first DSLR.

Crayola Challenge: Bittersweet