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2016 Photo Challenge--Monthly Themes: January--New Beginnings

Molly, Sarah and I are back at with our annual photo challenge. This year we're going with a monthly theme, staring with New Beginnings for January. You can see the full list for each month below. For January's New Beginnings theme, I have an image from a recent trip to the Sierra's, where on top of several feet of snow, a completely new blanket of snow came down. I was able to walk out to a snow covered lake and be one of the first people to walk on and see the fresh powder. Quite a beautiful site (and so desperately needed for the state of California). Molly's Photo Sarah's Photo Monthly Themes: January: New Beginnings February: Loving Life March: Go Green April: Spring Colors May: Street Photography June: Travel July: Summer Fun August: Summer Golden Hours September: Expressions October: Autumn Colors November: Family December: Holiday Lights