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A Moment in Time: 6am--Blurry San Francisco Skyline

I figured by the time we reached 6am this would start getting easier, but for some reason last night I did not sleep well and kept waking up thinking it was time to go. This is our first moment that was on a weekday and there was no time to return to bed for a nap. Plus I had a general idea where I wanted to go, but not exactly what would work and how much light there would be yet, and it was raining, so today was a bit of a challenge.

All this lead up explains my blur on purpose of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco skyline. I went out with the intention of finding something across from the Oakland port where there are cranes and ships and lots of lights, but nothing quite worked. It was pretty dark still and cloudy and rainy, and I felt a little odd wandering around an old abandoned Navy base, shooting through a chain link fence, so this was a quick capture with no tripod setup and a lot of very dark, black Bay in between me and San Francisco.

I really am looking forward to daylight hours starting next week with 7am.

6am on April 2

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