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A Moment in Time: Noon--Marin Headlands Historic Forts

For today's Noon photo moment I decided to go on an adventure as I had a friend visiting from Las Vegas, and I wanted to show her the beautiful coast line and country side in Marin County. (And, the last of the bridges into and out of Alameda can be saved for later.) 

We headed out with the idea of going to the Marin Headlands and photographing from above the Golden Gate Bridge. It was pretty foggy several days this past week and I was hoping to get a photo of the bridge peaking through the fog layer. Foggy days are usual for June Gloom around the Bay, but today was a bright sunny day with nothing in the sky. 

There were several tourists trying to do the same thing as us with very limited parking, so we headed further into the Headlands to find one of the many historic forts and check out the options there. I'm so glad we did. We found Battery Mendell, which like many historic forts is a combination of decaying buildings with graffiti and striking views of the ocean, bay and Golden Gate Bridge.  

Noon on June 29

I also had to share a couple of outtakes which show the combination of graffiti and sweeping views you find here.

I love this odd angle in the lookout with the corner of two frames creating differing window views.

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