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A Moment in Time: 5pm--Well Water

Today was another walk through the neighborhood, discovering beautiful homes. I found this amazing place with just as nice a garden as architecture. But I appreciated it even more when I got closer and saw the "well water" sign attached to the tree in front. (For a close up shot see my outtake below.) With all the news and issues with drought in California this year, it is great to see someone finding a way to maintain their garden.

5pm on September 4

An up close view of the "well water" sign.

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Monthly Themes: May--Street Photography

This month's theme is street photography, and while my selection may not seem like it fits the definition of street photography because it is not outdoors or on a street. But it does fit this definition from Eric Kim in that it's candid and it's in a public place: I also appreciate his final point: "Definitions, shmefinitions... I recommend giving the middle finger to definitions--and not worrying about it. Who cares what people classify your type of photography to be? As long as you enjoy the photos you are taking--isn't that enough?" This image is from a dance recital I attended recently while visiting friends whose three daughters all performed in many magical ways. This sweet moment was captured during the finale when all the dancers return back on stage to be honored for their hard work throughout the year. You can see how much the littles love the older dancers and how much they